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fun in the pony barn

I got stuck in the Pony Barn bathroom today.

It was at tutorial, right before psychology class. I stepped into the bathroom, closed the door, and did my business. However, despite my best efforts, I could not get the door open again. The doorknob would turn, but the bolt wouldn't budge. By this time, several of my classmates had entered the classroom and discovered my predicament. Mitchell was aching to bust out his Marine Corps moves and kick the door down. I searched for something to unscrew the doorknob with, to no avail. I contemplated escaping through the window, but sadly, there was a screen over it, and I saw no way of removing it. Meanwhile, Stout was on the phone with Plant Operations, trying to get someone to come over and fix the door.

The story's end, however, is rather anticlimactic. A few seconds later, while pushing in on the knob and turning as hard as I could, I was able to get the door open.

Let this be a lesson to all of you: never masturbate before class!
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