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birthday tomorrow. whoa.

1 day until my birthday

yes, right now, i am currently enjoying my last day on earth as a minor. while it certainly is an awesome moment in my life, i'm a bit freaked out about it.

i know that age is just a number, but still, tomorrow i become a legal adult. i can vote. i can purchase pornography and [lawfully] browse adult websites. i can get into nightclubs. i can purchase cigarettes. i can be tried as an adult. i can be called to war. it seems like there are gonna be all these responsibilities and privileges suddenly thrown upon me, none of which i am really prepared for.

i'm just in utter disbelief that tomorrow i'm going to wake up an adult. i can't even fathom being an adult--i'm so youthful at heart (to the point where i regress to baby talk on the phone with kim, not that she really minds), that it seems like they shouldn't let me become an adult.

i mean, sure, it's just another birthday. sure, i'm going to get gifts and regards from my relatives. but when you think about it from another angle, it's this huge jump from juvenile to adult citizen. it's such a huge jump--in calculus terms, one might even say it has an undefined first derivative.

regardless, there's no avoiding it, and moping about it is futile. i'm turning 18, and i'm damn excited. not entirely ready, but excited. i've got the third-annual traditional "birthday crown" built and ready to go. our school's performance of The Wiz is also tomorrow, and i've even made a special green crown to wear during the play. ms. andresian even got me a surprise birthday present--a quiz in latin tomorrow that i just found out about this morning. whoop-de-doo.

regardless......BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!! (does happy dance)

and arthur let me borrow his dad's Red Book and Blue Book. go arthur.
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