Jenna (prettytiedup) wrote in rhs_lj,

You know who you are.

I hate liars.

Especially the ones that go to Rocky Hill.
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You cant just say stuff like that and not elaborate. What or who is bothering you? Come on, out with it now.
Yes I can.

What are those people called that lie alllll of the time...
compulsive liars?
ignominous pricks?
(insert name here)?

yeah. those. I hate them.
gotta go with sandy, this is kinda vague.

you could throw in almost every popular person in the entire senior class...especially people like mitchell.
popular? Is that a joke...

Will Mitchell is actually one of the most brutally honest people I have ever known (trust me). What the hell makes you think he is a liar...because he is an asshole? (I would rather an asshole than I liar, any day.)

It is just a TAD pathetic you don't know who I am talking about.
Think about it...
I would rather an asshole than I liar, any day.

Hell no.
I meant

I would rather an asshole boyfriend than a lying boyfriend. Besides, assholes are kinda fun, that is, if you are in the right mood.

i agree, vague vague vague
*no comment*

I just couldn't help myself.
i dont understand, but if its something i dont want to understand in a public website, please hold back
man, you hit that one dead on the money. Nice shot!
anal sex, what?
I concur.