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dad said "son, you're fuckin' high."

Well I thought about the army,
Dad said, "son, you're fuckin high."
And I thought, yeah, there's a first for everything,
so I took my old man's advice.
Three sad semesters,
it was only fifteen grand.
Spent in bed, I thought about the army,
I dropped out and joined a band instead.

Grew a moustache and a mullet,
Got a job at Chic-Fil-A.
Citing artistic differences, the band broke up in May,
and in June reformed without me, and they got a different name.
I nuked another Grandma's apple pie
and hung my head in shame.

Been thinking a lot today.
Been thinking a lot today.

Ohhhh, I think I'll write a screenplay.
Ohhhh, I think I'll take it to LA.
Ohhhh, I think I'll get it done yesterday.

In this time of introspection,
On the eve of my election,
I say to my reflection
"God, please spare me more rejection."
Cause my peers they criticize me,
and my ex-wives all despise me.
Try to put it all behind me,
but my redneck past is nipping at my heels.

I've been thinking a lot today.
I've been thinking a lot today.
I've been thinking a lot today.
I thought about the army...

programming i figured i'd take a break and update the old lj. nothing new's been happening. went to newport with kim on saturday, and went ice skating, and that was fun. school will suck this week. newspaper shit. yearbook shit. senior project shit. biology shit. math team shit.

but it's not so bad. semi-formal on friday. Rocky Hill Rocks Out (which everyone should go to) next friday. kim's dance next saturday. 18th birthday in exactly one month.

yeah, and then there's traffic court on the 18th. (insert random anti-law-enforcement slur here)

oh well, at least there's pink floyd. thank god for pink floyd.
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